Posted by: Misha | December 13, 2009

TLC Predictions

Ok, I’m behind on my posts again. Oops. I’ll be caught up by the end of the week–blame exams and a bunch of family drama, plus the Christmas season, it means that I tend to be even more behind than usual. Sorry. However, I am here with my TLC predictions. It’s the last PPV of 2009 and five titles are on the line and oddly enough, I think they’ll all switch hands.

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton
Kingston has come off really strong and this feud has been responsible for him getting a major push, but I don’t think it would be a great idea for him to beat Orton in a clean fight just yet, but at that same time a loss would be a set back. So, I think this one will either end in DQ or Orton will win thanks to interference. I think that option is a little more likely, since I’m not sure the rules of the match (and whether a DQ is even possible).
My Pick: Orton

Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship
McIntyre has been getting a pretty strong push, almost on the same level as Seamus’ and thus I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win the IC title. Honestly, Morrison’s had the title for too long and while I thought (and hoped) that Dolph Ziggler would be the one to take it from him, that no longer looks possible, so I’m going with McIntyre instead.
My Pick: Drew McIntyre

Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship
I don’t really care about this match, since I find divas matches boring and kind of awful, but I do think Mickie James will win, mainly because it’s about time for McCool to lose the title which she’s had since July. My only hope is that this match is short.
My Pick: Mickie James

Seamus vs. John Cena in a Table Match
I don’t care if Seamus’ push is happening too quickly, I’m just happy to get new blood in the title picture. That said, I’m going on a limb and saying Seamus wins this one. Only because it lifts the Orton ban. Maybe we could even get a storyline about Seamus and Orton being in cahoots. Since I think that it’s time to the belt on Orton, I’m going with the wild card on this oen and saying Seamus.
My Pick: Seamus

Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian in a Ladders Match for the ECW Championship
Christian has been ECW on-and-off since April and I think it’s time for a change. This could be because I think Christian is wasted on ECW, but I also think Shelton Benjamin would be a good choice to hold the title right now. Now, I do hope that if Christian loses the title, he’ll be saved from the depths of despair that is ECW, but I’m not holding my breath on that. Still, for better or for worse, I think Christian’s time as champion is done.
My Pick: Shelton Benjamin

Batista vs. The Undertaker in a Chairs Match for the World-Heavy Weight Championship
Batista has the bad-ass heel going on right now and a title run would only solidify that, so I think he’s the pretty obvious winner, besides the Undertaker’s had the title and while that’s not long by any means, it’s fairly long now a days and besides, the Undertaker’s pretty limited in the ring so it makes the sense to put the belt on someone else and Batista seems to be that person. Though, since Batista is the Eric Lindros of the WWE, I’m predicting another short title reign, maybe two weeks this time?
My Pick: Batista

DX vs. Jerishow in a TLC match for the Unified Tag Titles
Unless there’s a major upset tonight, this one is obvious. Jerishow got thr upper hand on Monday and a big deal’s been made abuot DX never having being tag team champions, plus TLC is in San Antonio, Shawn Michael’s hometown. Unless the WWE is planning a major swerve, I think it’s safe to say that DX is about the become the new tag team champions.
My Pick: DX

So there you have it, my picks for the last PPV of 2009!


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