Posted by: Misha | December 14, 2009

New Blood is High Point of TLC

So the last TLC of 2009 has come and come and there were def

Christan b. Shelton Benjamin to retain the ECW title
This was a great match, but it went on too early. I love Christan and he never fails too work a good match and this was no exception. It wasn’t the greatest ladder match I’ve ever seen, but it was very good. It’s just a pity it went on first.

Drew McIntyre b. John Morrison to become Intercontinental Champion
Not a great match, though I’m not sure that’s either man’s fault, I think it’s just a lack of ring chemistry. It wasn’t a bad match, just not a particularly entertaining one. I am happy with the result though, I think McIntyre has a lot of potential and I’m glad to see him shine. Besides, I think Morrison’s ready to move past the IC title and on to bigger things.

Michelle McCool b. Mickie James to retain the Women’s Championship
What can I say? It was a diva’s match and a mercifully short one. I don’t enjoy the divas matches, I don’t find them entertaining and this was no exception.

Seamus b. John Cena to become WWE Champion
I think I’m pretty much the only person who predicted this outcome and I kept second-guessing myself. It wasn’t a bad match and the ending allowed Cena to look strong, while still putting the belt on Seamus. I do think that Seamus’ push has happened a little too fast, but… I do find him entertaining to watch in the ring and I said in my prediction post, I suspect he’ll be losing his title to Orton soon.

The Undertaker b. Batista to retain the World Heavy-Weight Title
Batista was robbed! Not a bad match, but I didn’t like the hokey ending at all. I thought the time was right for Batista to be champion and Long coming and restarting the match just felt weak. Oh, I know Batista will get the title soon and this just gives more opportunity to see him as a monster heel on a rampage, but it still hit a bad note with me.

Randy Orton b. Kofi Kingston
Great match. Kingston definitely held his own, but I’m glad Orton won without interference, especially after Kofi’s challenge. The fans needed to be reminded that Orton’s a killer heel in his own right, that just because he often uses low tricks to get ahead, he doesn’t need to. The loss doesn’t hurt Kingston, because he’s come off so well in this feud and he put in such a strong performance last night. I don’t think the feud is over though, I’ll predict right now that Orton wins the title from Seamus between now and the Royal Rumble (or at the Rumble) and Kingston wins the Rumble and challenges for Orton’s title, continuing the feud.

DX b. Jerishow to become Unified Tag Team Champions
This match was better than I’d expected. Triple H and the Big Show in a ladder match? It wasn’t an idea that really appealed to me. However, it was actually pretty good. I loved the finish with Triple H holding up the half of a ladder for HBK to get the titles down, because it really demonstrated that it was a team effort. The result was what we all predicted and what I personally wanted, I’m glad to see DX as tag team champs at least once, though I suspect it’ll be short-lived.

All in all, TLC wasn’t a great PPV, but it wasn’t a bad one either. I’ve watched every PPV this year except the Royal Rumble and I’d put TLC in the middle. One of the problems of having so many PPvs, is that you get a lot of the middle of the road ones, I would have liked to see more from the last PPV of the year, but at least it wasn’t awful.


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