Posted by: Misha | December 23, 2009

Raw Keeps Getting Worse and Worse

All right, so I’m finally catching up on my Raw posts, after two of the worst episodes I’ve ever seen. Does the WWE actually want TNA to beat them on January 4th? Not that I think that’s actually possible, but Raw is getting pretty awful.

I’ll start with the fact that I went 0/9 in my should wins for the Slammys and 3/9 in my will wins, apparently what I think were good moments and what the WWE writers do are different. Big surprise. I’m sure the writers think that Raw is entertaining these days and I certainly don’t.

I’m sorry, but do the divas do anything than parade in slutty outfits??? Two weeks, two quick tag-matches that weren’t really matches at all, but a chance to show off the scantily clad divas. Not what I consider entertainment.

I used to like the guest host concept. A lot of the guests hosts, wrestling related or not, were great and added something special to the show. Dennis Miller and Johnny Damon? Not so much. In fact, they were both boring and actually pretty bad. It got to the point where The Man was begging me to turn off the TV both weeks. Since I’m a blogger, I had to refuse, but if Raw keeps being so bad it might begin to cause problems in my relationship.

I love DX, The Man love Jerishow. Neither of us is loving this storyline. DX with a midget mascot? I guess that means the attitude era is really and truly dead. I’m trying to imagine how my DX-loving, rule-breaking, bad boy boyfriend from the late 90s would feel about this new kid-friendly DX. I doubt he’d be impressed. Don’t get me wrong, DX still entertains me, but this DX is a far cry from how they started out. And while I love the friendship between The Big Show and Jericho, I find the storyline a little depressing, mainly because I think all four wrestlers are being wasted. Besides why does Jericho care about being ousted from Raw? Doesn’t anyone else remember his big goodbye speech from April?

I”m sure there were others thing worth noting during the last two weeks of Raw, but any good was totally over-shadowed by the truly awful. I’m hoping Raw gets better as 2009 comes to a close, but at least I have faith in the fact that it can’t get much worse.


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