Posted by: Misha | December 23, 2009

The Triple H Conundrum

This is a topic I’ve wanted to talk about for some time and as I started to plan out my end of the year posts, I knew the time was now. What I want to talk about is arguably one of the most controversial figures in the WWE. Not because of his on-screen gimmick (no matter how many times Cole and Lawler remind us that DX is one of the most controversial tag teams ever), but because of his personal life, or rather how the two tie together.

I’m talking about Triple H, of course. The Game, the King of Kings, the boss’s son-in-law. No one seems to know how to evaluate Triple H. Do you do it based on skill and achievement? Or do you take those things with a grain of salt, because of his personal connections? Is he really one of the best in the business or did he get that way by marrying the boss’ daughter?

I’ve had this debate a lot. I’m a Triple H fan, The Man is wishy-washy on the subject, and another wrestling fan friend of mine hates him. None of us deny that he’s talented, but both The Man and this friend argue that while he’s talented, there are more talented wrestlers in the company (both past and present) who never got the push Triple H did and that’s mainly political. I do agree to an extent, but I refuse to condemn Triple H’s career based on his personal life.

Would Triple H have been thirteen time champion if his wife’s last name wasn’t McMahon? Probably not, but it is possible. Both Edge and The Rock are nine-time champions. The Rock left the WWE in 2004, Edge got his first world title in 2006. Which means that Edge has had nine title runs in three years and it’s been five years since The Rock even wrestled, five years in which Triple H has been very active. Looking at it that way, thirteen titles in a decade don’t seem too bad.

Triple H got his first title run in August 1999, before the McMahon-Helmsley storyline started, before he knew Stephanie McMahon as anything other than the boss’ daughter. There seems no accurate source as to when the two began dating and quite honestly, it’s no one’s business but there’s, but common sense would guess anywhere between mid-2000 and late 2001. By mid-2000, Triple H had finished his fourth title reign and was incredibly over as one of the biggest heels in the WWE. At the time, no one seemed to doubt his worthiness or the reasons behind his push.

Then in 2003, Triple H committed the ultimate crime in the eyes of a lot of wrestling fans: he mixed his professional and personal lives together when he married Stephanie McMahon. Now, I don’t know either Stephanie McMahon or Triple H and maybe I’m a romantic, but I’m going to absolve either of them of any ulterior motive and guess that they genuinely fell in love with one another. After all, they’re both attractive people who were in a position where they would have seen a lot of each other and gotten to know each other very well and developed strong feelings for one another. They seem to be very happy and if that’s true, then all the power to them, since love and happiness are things to be treasured.

After Triple H married Stephanie, people started accusing him of sleeping his way to the top. He was only getting a big push because he was married to the boss’ daughter. Which, I think is an unfair accusation has he was already at the top before he married Stephanie, but… On the other hand, I think it’s possible that he got breaks other wrestlers didn’t and got more opportunities because his wife is the head of creative. But, I don’t think that he could have gotten where he was in his career, if he wasn’t a gifted performer, no matter who he’s married too.


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