Posted by: Misha | January 5, 2010

Hart/HBK Closure Best Part of Otherwise Average Raw

So last night’s Raw wasn’t bad and it was certainly better than most of the shows that the WWE gives us on a weekly basis, but except for the beginning and the end, it didn’t feel special. In the end, when it came to going up against TNA’s Monday night special, the WWE failed to give us something extra special, so that we didn’t change the channel.

But that beginning… How good was it to see Bret Hart back on TV? And his promo with Shawn Michaels, it felt real, even the awkward hug. The Man and I both had tears in our eyes as we watched these two men finally bury the hatchet. It was the best moment I’ve seen on WWE TV in a very long time and mainly because it felt more real than scripted. This was two men hashing out a very real difference of opinion in public, after presumably already doing so back stage and it was very rewarding for the fans.

The Bret and Vince confrontation did not have that same feeling of closure. For me it actually ruined the whole feel of the show and made it end on a very sour note. I know that Vince and Bret made up a long time ago, unlike Bret and HBK, and that this was to build for a feud between the two, but… It still felt badly handled. That might just be me.

I noticed a little bit of tension between HBK and Triple H over Bret Hart and wonder if we’re going to see HBK/Bret Hart vs. Triple H/Vince McMahon in the weeks to come, after all Triple H is Vince’s son-in-law. It would be a good excuse for the DX split that I’ve seen coming for a while and an interesting use of real life tension to propel a storyline, because there was plenty of hard feelings between Bret Hart and Triple H in real life as well, feelings that have yet to be addressed on screen in any way, so Hunter taking Vince’s side would be a natural way to do that.

The Man made me laugh during the Bret Hart/Chris Jericho promo by commenting “by his sister’s kid, do you think he means Natalya?” Probably not how one was supposed to take it, but the idea of Natalya making Chris Jericho scream is pretty funny. I’m a little sad to see the end of Jerishow, but at least the DX/Jerishow match was very well done, definitely the match of the night. I wonder who DX will take on next? Maybe the Hart Dynasty???

So Legacy is definitely coming to an end soon, the only question now is when and who throws the first blow. I really want the WWE to handle this in a good way, because I think with a little bit of careful handling both DiBiase and Rhodes could be big stars. However, the WWe has already handled it badly–the split should have happened right after legacy’s feud with DX, where Legacy had a lot of momentum, instead of being back-burnered for several months, but that’s the WWE for you. They build the momentum and then rip it away, leaving the young superstar to stagnate and they wonder why the fans are getting bored. Kofi Kingston’s clean loss to Orton, is another example of this, as Kingston was very over a month ago, but is now rapidly losing steam.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad night, but except for the part with Hart, it didn’t feel like anything special and I spent a lot of time flipping back and forth between Raw and Impact, which I’m thinking is not what the WWE is hoping for. If last night’s Raw taught us nothing, it’s that after almost a decade of complacency, the WWE is going to have to remember how to bring it.


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