Posted by: Misha | January 5, 2010

Reignighting the Monday Night Wars

Almost a decade after the fall of WCW, tonight marks the resurgence of the Monday Night wars as TNA goes live on Monday night to go head to head with WWE. Tonight is a huge night for wrestling fans, since it marks the first effort by TNA to be legitimate competition for the WWE.

I do think TNA made a mistake right from the gate, not by going up against WWE, but by replaying the episode on Thursday. Now, there’s no motivation for fans to turn into TNA, they can just catch up on Thursday. If they had gone with a special tonight and another episode on Thursday then that would have been more of a bang. By not doing it, they seem weak, showing that they want to get their feet wet, but that they still expect to lose and that means they probably will.

I’ve made it clear I’m not a TNA watcher. However, I really want TNA to do well tonight, because I think competition is the best thing for the business. The WWE was never better than during the Monday Night War years and I’d love to see that happen again. Two viable companies, bringing the fans a superior product week after week.

When it comes to Hogan vs. Hart, well in this household the answer is easy. The Man is a huge Bret Hart fan and while I was once a Hulkamaniac, that was a long time ago. I’ll be checking out TNA for sure (at least the first hour), but I’ll be watching Raw. Still, I do hope TNA does well tonight and that in a few months, we’re seeing a true Monday Night War, because I think in that case the real winner will be the fans.



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