Posted by: Misha | January 30, 2010

Royal Rumble Predictions

Remember how I said I was going to post every day? Oops. I’ve been sick, life has been crazy and my internet has been awful, so something had to give and unfortunately it was this blog. Oops.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a recap on the last couples weeks of Smackdown and Raw, giving my general thoughts (like how much I love Serena Deeb), but right now we’re focusing on the Royal Rumble and the kick off of the Road to Wrestlemania!

Christian vs. Ezekial Jackson for the ECW Title
How often do I predict Christian will finally drop the title and be saved from ECW? It’s a running thing with me, however I’d hate to see him as ECW champion going into Mania (since if nothing else I’d like him to be in Money in the Bank) and Ezekial Jackson winning the title could be a neat twist and further the Regal storyline, so I’m going to beat this dead horse once more and if I’m not right, I might curl up in a corner and cry over Christian’s wasted potential…
My Pick: Ezekial Jackson

Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James for the Women’s Championship
The WWE constantly amazes me with what they think is a good idea, but… If Michelle McCool wins tonight, that’ll be taken to a whole new level. McCool and Layla have humiliated Mickie at every turn for the last two months and Mickie definitely needs revenge. I’m betting Mickie James wins and that afterward McCool and Layla attempt a beat-down which is stopped either by Beth Phoenix finally turning face .
My Pick: Mickie James

The Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio for the World Heavy-Weight Championship
No way Mysterio wins this, it just isn’t happening. I predict interference from Batista that allows the dead man to retain his title.
My Pick: The Undertaker

Seamus vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship
When I predicated a Seamus win at TLC, my reasoning was it was a good excuse to put the belt back on Orton,while still honouring the fact that Cena and Orton couldn’t wrestle, so I’m pretty confident in predicting an Orton victory tonight.
My Pick: Randy Orton

The Royal Rumble
30-men all wrestling for one title chance. There are some big names in the match and room for some surprise entrants (Edge???), so I’m expecting big things. I think I’m safe saying that Triple H and Shawn Michaels will eliminate each other. I’d love to see someone new, like The Miz or Kofi Kingston, win, but I think it’ll be John Cena and that he’ll end up facing The Undertaker at Wreslemania, as was hinted at months ago. The only way Cena won’t win is if unexpectedly comes back and I’m still predicting them as the final two then, with Triple H and HBK rounding out the final four, and if there is no Edge and I’m just wistful thinking, then Batista will be the final member of the final four.
My Pick: John Cena


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