Posted by: Misha | February 21, 2010

Endings and Beginnings Showcased on Raw

All right, bad blogger here now trying to catch up on a month worth of thoughts. My life has been hectic and I’ve been a bad blogger. I really want to make a commitment to this blog, but unfortunately too often it becomes the thing I can ignore. I’m going to spend the next month seeing if I can really do this on a weekly basis or if I have to abandon the idea all together.

Now though, it’s time for me to recap the last several weeks of Raw, or at least touch on the major ideas.

The guest host concept is all played out, they need to let it die. It was fun at first, but it’s gone on too long and the guest hosts no longer seem to have much to do with the tone of the episode. Let’s go back to having one regular General Manager and see where that takes us.

The Bret Hart/Vince McMahon stuff is sort of stupid. I was happy to see Bret Hart back, but I’m not enjoying his feud with Vince. It’s obvious that Vince is the one behind Bret’s “accident” and that Cena and Batista will get involved in the storyline. The Cena/Batista stuff is fine, I like seeing the intense Cena, but I wish it was done a bit differently.

I was sad to see DX drop the titles, but it was time. I’m enjoying Shawn Michael’s decent into craziness with his obsession over the Undertaker and watching Triple H be the calm one of the pair. I really, really want to see the two of them face each other at Wrestlemania, though I have no idea if that will happen or not. Regardless, this is the best way to handle the DX break-up, as it gives the WWE lots of material to work with going into Wrestlemania.

I was sad to see the Jerishow bromance end, but I am glad to see that The Big Show has found a replacement in The Miz. I love ShowMiz, am glad they have the titles, and I love how The Big Show is comparing it to this relationship with Jericho. I like this pair and I hope they stay together for sometime, since I think it’s just helping The Miz get ven more exposure and solidify is position as a major player.

On the other end of the spectrum, Legacy is falling apart, fast. It’s time, since they’ve been together for more than a year. I’m liking how it’s been handled, with Orton (weirdly enough) being the sympathetic one, Rhodes being the obvious villain and DiBiase being somewhere in the middle. A face turn for Orton would have to be handled very carefully, but I think it could work, because he could easily pull off the vengeful face character that Triple H often plays and it would be a nice change of pace. It’s also a chance for DiBiase and Rhodes to show what they’re made of and see if they can play with the big boys, which I think they can.

There, I’ve weighed in on the major Raw storylines of the last month. At least the ones I thought were worth commenting on. I’m hoping to go back to weekly recaps starting tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.


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