Posted by: Misha | March 13, 2010


Ok, I’ve finally admitted that the current format of this blog isn’t working. I can’t do weekly recaps, I just don’t have the time. So I’m going to stop trying, but don’t worry I’m not abandoning the blog–I’m just making some changes that I think will improve it.

I like making PPV predictions. I don’t even mind discussing the PPV the next day and I like talking about certain angles, so taht’s what I’m going to do from now on. Instead of blogging about a recap of Raw or Smackdown, I’m just going to write about angles that interest me. I might not write every week, but some weeks I might write several times. This gives me more creative freedom and more flexibility and I think in the long run it’ll make the blog better.

I hope you guys keep reading and I hope that you like the direction of the blog and that by doing it this way, I’ll be able to give you a better look at my perspective of wrestling!


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