Posted by: Misha | April 2, 2010

HBK’s Farewell Hits All the Right Notes

I am going to talk about Wrestlemania and do a proper recap (Probably), but first I want to talk about tonight’s Raw. Well, not the whole show, just the farewell to Shawn Michaels.

In a word, it was phenomenal. It was a wonderful send-off for one of the all-time greats. I really liked the fact that not too many of the talent got involved. Having Bret Hart say a few words and The Undertaker tip his hat and Triple H give a speech, it felt right. They were the guys who were there for most of his career, the ones who knew him in the early days of his career and the ones who knew him best.

Triple H especially deserved to be part of the farewell, because while he might not have been there for the early years, he’s been there for sixteen years and has stood by Shawn’s side during those years. It was a touching moment, especially considering the genuine emotion on his face as he said his farewell to his best friend. Seamus’ interference was a smart move, though I hated that it took away from the sentimentality of the moment–though I know that was the point.

Shawn’s speech was perfect. You can’t thank everyone, it just isn’t possible and he didn’t try. Thanking the fans is a must and thanking the camera crew and announcers is a nice gesture, as for the three men he mentioned by name, they all fit. Thanking Vince is a nice thing to do and made sense, given that HBK worked for him for his entire career. Thanking Bret Hart made sense to, because I feel like Bret’s return allowed Shawn to be able to retire, to get closure and be able to finally move on. And again, thanking Hunter was a must, because their friendship is well documented and if anyone deserved to be singled out, it was him.

The part on the ramp brought tears to my eyes, when Triple H and Shawn Michaels embraced. It was the right move to have Triple H be the only one to embrace HBK on camera and share his moment with him, because that made it more genuine than anything else would have. The gesture with the glow sticks was a nice touch and brought a lump to my throat.

It was a beautiful send-off, not as elaborate as Ric Flair’s, but perfect just the way it was. Ric needed the elaborate send-off (and as since proved unable to walk away), I think this was the goodbye Shawn needed, a chance to thank the fans and those closest to him and then head on his way out. I suspect we’ll see him on our TV again someday, but I hope it’s not soon and I hope we never see him in the ring again, because if we do, it’ll tarnish this moment.



  1. You did some good writing here. Hope you return! 🙂

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