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The Top Ten Wrestlers of the 2000s

So  2009 is done and with it not only is a year of wrestling, but a decade… Eek. There’s lots of things in the 2000s to look back at when it comes to the world of wrestling and I’ll deal with some of them in the next couple days (part of my resolve to make daily blog posts in the New Year), but right now I want to focus on one subject. The top ten wrestlers of the decade.

I spent all month thinking about my choices and debating them with The Man and formulating my defenses. I admit I didn’t watch wrestling the entire decade, but I’ve researched and YouTubed and depended on the opinion of The Man for help and have come up with my top ten. One warning, I don’t watch TNA, so my list is based solely on WWE guys. I calculated star power, title runs, and placement on the card as my criteria, since I was honestly trying to decide who had the biggest impact during the last decade. Let’s see if you guys agree with my choices.

10. Jeff Hardy
I’m not a Jeff Hardy fan, something I’ve made clear time and time again in the past. However, I thought long and hard and decided that he belonged on this list. Hardy is an incredibly popular and charismatic wrestler, despite my own feelings for him. The reaction to his title win this summer, proved that. Hardy wrestled in the WWE from the start of the decade until 2003 and then again from 2006 to 2009 and in that time he won three world titles, nine minor titles (lightweight, hardcore, intercontinental, and European) and six tag team championships. Not a bad resume. The Hardy Boyz were one of the best tag teams of an era when tag teams actually mattered and while, I, personally, think that Matt was the more talented brother, Jeff was the one that shined. Jeff Hardy never managed to make it as an established main-eventer, but he was the best of the mid-card for sure and, while not my personal cup of tea, one of the best, most innovative wrestlers in the WWE during the 2000s.

9. Batista
Batista is a wrestler who probably would have rated higher on this list if not for his constant injuries. There’s no denying he’s incredibly popular, especially since his recent heel turn. He’s been constantly in-and-out of the main event, when he’s healthy he’s a force to be reckoned with and has had several memorable matches.

8. Shawn Michaels
Ten years ago, HBK would have been much higher on the list and I actually debated whether he belonged here at all, because I think of him as more of a star of the 90s. But then, I thought that though he hasn’t been in the title scene and he’s moved gracefully from main-event to high mid-card, he’s still had a huge impact on the wrestling business. His feud with Jericho is considered one of the best of the decade and he always delivers great Wrestlemania moments. There’s also the extreme popularity of DX, as ridiculous as their skits with Hornswoggle might be, there’s no denying that they’re fan favourites. Shawn Michaels might not be the top guy anymore, but he doesn’t need to be.

7. The Rock
For the first few years of the decade, The Rock was unquestionably the biggest star in the WWE and even though he only wrestled for the first few years of the decade, it’s hard to dismiss the impact he had on the company. He is probably the biggest mainstream success the WWE has ever produced and the first wrestler since Hulk Hogan to become a true household name. While his time in the WWE was limited, his impact can’t be denied. He still managed to win six world titles and his match at Wrestlmania XX (in Toronto!) against Hulk Hogan is a classic.

6. The Undertaker
Like HBK, The Undertaker has moved away from the main-event scene, into a more supporting role (though he has held the title for the last few months). The dead man no longer has to be the big thing of the company, because his popularity is unlikely to wane–he’ll always be a fan favourite and his streak is one of the most appealing things about Wrestlemania and the hype of who will be the one to break it. His feud with CM Punk felt like it missed the mark, but his work with Batista, recapturing from their earlier feud, has made up for it. He’s not the prescence he once was, but there’s no dount that he’s been one of the WWE’s most popular and most dominant wrestlers over the last ten years.

5. Randy Orton
Since his entrance into the WWE in 2002, Orton has slowly become one of the WWE’s biggest and most successful heels. From his time in Evolution, to his formation of his own heel stable, Legacy, Orton has grown to be a dominant and reviled heel. He was the youngest world champion and has won the title five more times since then, maintaining a constant presence is the main event.

4. Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho really is the best in the world at what he does. I’m not sure if there’s anyone in the WWE that can match Jericho on the mic. Whether as a heel or a face, Jericho knows how to get the fans attention. The first undisputed champion, Jericho’s had a fair bit of success in the decade, despite taking a few years off for personal reasons. Jericho rarely has a bad match with anyone and can sell even the stupidest storyline, which is as much of a curse as a blessing, since it means he usually gets wasted in stupid storylines or making sub-par talent look good.

3. Edge
Like Jeff Hardy, Edge started the decade as part of one of the WWE’s best and most popular tag teams. But unlike Hardy, Edge managed to propel himself to main event status after his tag team days ended. His victory at the first of the Money in the Bank contest paved the way for his entrance into the main event and he’s stayed there with a vengeance, winning nine world titles since 2006. Before his injury in July of 2009, Edge and Jericho were on their way to making the tag team titles relevant again and as entertaining as Jerishow was, we all know that Rated Y2J was better. Edge is undoubtably one of the most talented superstars in the WWE and his star is still on the rise.

2. John Cena
John Cena has become the face of the post-attitude era WWE. He is undeniably popular and is probably the biggest star in the WWE today. Since joining the WWE in 2003, Cena has become probably their biggest guy. I can personally take or leave Cena, but there’s no arguing that he’s popular or that he’s done a lot to promote the WWE and help bring in the new PG-era. There aren’t many wrestlers who did more than Cena in the 2000s and wihtout a doubt he deserves to be the near top of this list, though he didn’t quite have enough of an impact to  be my #1…

1. Triple H
For me there was no other choice, as soon as I decided to write this list, I know who my number one had to be. Love him or hate him, Triple H dominated the WWE in the 2000s. He won 11 world titles in those ten years, his first in January of 2000 and his last in February of 2009, making him active and dominant over the course of the decade. Triple H feuded with top guys (including all of guys on this list), had storylines that got lots of airtime (even though some of them were pretty awful) and was always in the title scene. Plus there’s the popularity and success of DX, as well as his time in Evoloution (which will be remembered as a great heel stable). Triple H has a lot of star power, a lot of fans, despite all his detractors and he deserves the #1 spot on this list for that reason.

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New Year Means Big Changes

It’s a new year and there’ll be some changes around here. As I mentioned before, I’m trying to get serious about this website and about my writing in general, so I’m going to attempt to post every day. I’ll also do my best to make this blog the best that I can and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing more of my unique spin on wrestling!

So the last Raw of 2009 didn’t suck, so that’s a positive. It wasn’t the best show I’ve ever seen, but it was decent and it definitely built the tension for next week. More on that in a moment.

After the last two weeks of awful programming, this week’s Raw at least didn’t make me want to turn it off. I actually came in late and was interested enough to catch the first half hour on the replay later. So yay for Raw.

The Legacy thing was… Interesting. Not sure why Ted and Cody are so desperate to be part of Randy’s little pack at this point, but… Legacy has to break up soon and I guess this is a way of rebuilding tension, though I’ve been predicting a Legacy break-up since April, so… I would like to see Ted and Cody have one more run as tag team champions before the break-up though and really I’d like to see Legacy get back to the top before it all falls apart. Have Randy get the title back, have Legacy get the tag team titles (preferably from the Hart Dynasty since that would be an awesome program to watch) and have it fall apart post-Wrestlemania. Yes, it drags it out a bit, but at this point, what’s a few more months and I think a Legacy break-down deserves to be given time and could be the hot storyline of the months between Mania and Summerslam.

The fact that the Orton/Kofi Kingston feud is obviously not over factors into my desire for a delayed Legacy feud. Right now, I’m predicting Kofi as the winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble, and I think Orton will either get the title back from Seamus that night or in the elimination chamber at No Way Out and he and Kofi will end their rivalry once and for all with a title bout at Mania, which Kofi will win and that will be the beginnings of the end of Legacy–a year after I first predicted it.

The DX skit was stupid, but it hinted at tension between the partners, which is key at this stage. DX’s reunion seems to run it’s course and it’s time for another Shawn Michaels/Triple H feud and another Triple H heel run. I imagine DX will drop the tag team titles at Royal Rumble, though I’m not sure to who. Personally, I’m hoping for the Hart Dyansty.

The Seamus/Cena rematch was… Ok. Not great, not terrible. But it was what it was and I’m glad that Seamus is keeping the belt, but Cena’s keeping his streak. Cena’s obviously getting the belt at some point, but I don’t think it’s happening soon and as I posted earlier, I think Orton will be the one to take the belt off Seamus, which should happen in the next couple weeks.

The Jerishow break-up speech… That was a classic segment that had me laughing out loud. I love the Jericho/Big Show bromance and I’m personally to see it end. On the other hand, I don’t want Jerishow to regain the tag team titles, so… I guess all good things must come to an end. *sob*

The best part of this weeks Raw was undoubtably Vince McMahon’s promo announcing the return of Bret “The Hitman” Hart. I’ve written about my opinion on the Montreal Screwjob and I personally see Bret Hart’s return as a sign of good things to come. Maybe now, the Montreal Screwjob can finally be put in the past where it belongs and everyone involved can get the closure they obviously need. So, I’m pretty psyched about next week, though not as much so as The Man, who can’t wait to see his favourite wrestler back on his TV.

All in all, it was a pretty good show and next week promised to be even better. 2009 might not have ended with a bang, but at least with the promise of better things to come in 2010, which is enough for me.

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Raw Keeps Getting Worse and Worse

All right, so I’m finally catching up on my Raw posts, after two of the worst episodes I’ve ever seen. Does the WWE actually want TNA to beat them on January 4th? Not that I think that’s actually possible, but Raw is getting pretty awful.

I’ll start with the fact that I went 0/9 in my should wins for the Slammys and 3/9 in my will wins, apparently what I think were good moments and what the WWE writers do are different. Big surprise. I’m sure the writers think that Raw is entertaining these days and I certainly don’t.

I’m sorry, but do the divas do anything than parade in slutty outfits??? Two weeks, two quick tag-matches that weren’t really matches at all, but a chance to show off the scantily clad divas. Not what I consider entertainment.

I used to like the guest host concept. A lot of the guests hosts, wrestling related or not, were great and added something special to the show. Dennis Miller and Johnny Damon? Not so much. In fact, they were both boring and actually pretty bad. It got to the point where The Man was begging me to turn off the TV both weeks. Since I’m a blogger, I had to refuse, but if Raw keeps being so bad it might begin to cause problems in my relationship.

I love DX, The Man love Jerishow. Neither of us is loving this storyline. DX with a midget mascot? I guess that means the attitude era is really and truly dead. I’m trying to imagine how my DX-loving, rule-breaking, bad boy boyfriend from the late 90s would feel about this new kid-friendly DX. I doubt he’d be impressed. Don’t get me wrong, DX still entertains me, but this DX is a far cry from how they started out. And while I love the friendship between The Big Show and Jericho, I find the storyline a little depressing, mainly because I think all four wrestlers are being wasted. Besides why does Jericho care about being ousted from Raw? Doesn’t anyone else remember his big goodbye speech from April?

I”m sure there were others thing worth noting during the last two weeks of Raw, but any good was totally over-shadowed by the truly awful. I’m hoping Raw gets better as 2009 comes to a close, but at least I have faith in the fact that it can’t get much worse.

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The Triple H Conundrum

This is a topic I’ve wanted to talk about for some time and as I started to plan out my end of the year posts, I knew the time was now. What I want to talk about is arguably one of the most controversial figures in the WWE. Not because of his on-screen gimmick (no matter how many times Cole and Lawler remind us that DX is one of the most controversial tag teams ever), but because of his personal life, or rather how the two tie together.

I’m talking about Triple H, of course. The Game, the King of Kings, the boss’s son-in-law. No one seems to know how to evaluate Triple H. Do you do it based on skill and achievement? Or do you take those things with a grain of salt, because of his personal connections? Is he really one of the best in the business or did he get that way by marrying the boss’ daughter?

I’ve had this debate a lot. I’m a Triple H fan, The Man is wishy-washy on the subject, and another wrestling fan friend of mine hates him. None of us deny that he’s talented, but both The Man and this friend argue that while he’s talented, there are more talented wrestlers in the company (both past and present) who never got the push Triple H did and that’s mainly political. I do agree to an extent, but I refuse to condemn Triple H’s career based on his personal life.

Would Triple H have been thirteen time champion if his wife’s last name wasn’t McMahon? Probably not, but it is possible. Both Edge and The Rock are nine-time champions. The Rock left the WWE in 2004, Edge got his first world title in 2006. Which means that Edge has had nine title runs in three years and it’s been five years since The Rock even wrestled, five years in which Triple H has been very active. Looking at it that way, thirteen titles in a decade don’t seem too bad.

Triple H got his first title run in August 1999, before the McMahon-Helmsley storyline started, before he knew Stephanie McMahon as anything other than the boss’ daughter. There seems no accurate source as to when the two began dating and quite honestly, it’s no one’s business but there’s, but common sense would guess anywhere between mid-2000 and late 2001. By mid-2000, Triple H had finished his fourth title reign and was incredibly over as one of the biggest heels in the WWE. At the time, no one seemed to doubt his worthiness or the reasons behind his push.

Then in 2003, Triple H committed the ultimate crime in the eyes of a lot of wrestling fans: he mixed his professional and personal lives together when he married Stephanie McMahon. Now, I don’t know either Stephanie McMahon or Triple H and maybe I’m a romantic, but I’m going to absolve either of them of any ulterior motive and guess that they genuinely fell in love with one another. After all, they’re both attractive people who were in a position where they would have seen a lot of each other and gotten to know each other very well and developed strong feelings for one another. They seem to be very happy and if that’s true, then all the power to them, since love and happiness are things to be treasured.

After Triple H married Stephanie, people started accusing him of sleeping his way to the top. He was only getting a big push because he was married to the boss’ daughter. Which, I think is an unfair accusation has he was already at the top before he married Stephanie, but… On the other hand, I think it’s possible that he got breaks other wrestlers didn’t and got more opportunities because his wife is the head of creative. But, I don’t think that he could have gotten where he was in his career, if he wasn’t a gifted performer, no matter who he’s married too.

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Slammy Award Predictions

So tonight is the Slammy Awards and I figured I’d give my predictions. I debated between stating who I think should win and who I think will win. So, this is a combination, with me giving both who I think it should be and who I think it will be.

• The Undertaker
• John Cena
• Randy Orton
• CM Punk
Is there an option for none of the above? Punk would have been my choice until about September, when his push seems to have been seriously derailed. The Undertaker was gone half the year, so that leaves us the over-exposed duo of Orton and Cena. Ugh. I’ll go with Orton on this one, though I think that if the year had ended in September, Punk would have been a shoo-in.
Who Should Win: Randy Orton
Who Will Win: Randy Orton

• Kofi Kingston lands a Boom Drop on Randy Orton at MSG
• Big Show chokeslams John Cena into arena spotlight at Backlash
• Jeff Hardy jumps from a ladder onto CM Punk at SummerSlam
• Triple H invades Randy Orton’s home
The Triple H moment is a rehash of an older Stone Cold storyline and thus shouldn’t count and I didn’t find the Kingston moment that extreme. I think it should be the Big Show chokeslamming John Cena, but it probably won’t be. It’ll probably be the Hardy ladder jump.
Who Should Win: Big Show chokesalms John Cena into arena spotlight at Backlash
Who Will Win: Jeff Hardy jumps from a ladder onto CM Punk at SummerSlam

• Batista turns against former friend Rey Mysterio
• Randy Orton DDTs Stephanie and forces Triple H to watch
• CM Punk forces Jeff Hardy to retire after steel cage match victory
• Sheamus slams Raw host Mark Cuban through a table
This should be an obvious one. The Sheamus moment was ‘meh’ and while Hardy’s retirement and Batista’s heel turn had a bit of a OMG factor (more so the Batista turn, since it was well-reported that Hardy was leaving after SummerSlam), they couldn’t compare to the shock and horror of Randy Orton chaining Triple H to the ring, DDTing his wife and then kissing her. It was definitely the most stunning moment of the year.
Who Should Win: Orton DDTs Stephanie and forces Triple H to watch
Who Will Win: Orton DDTs Stephanie and forces Triple H to watch

• Jeff Hardy vs. Edge ladder match at Extreme Rules
• Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania
• John Cena vs. Randy Orton “I Quit” match at Breaking Point
• Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights
I know I’m in the minority here, but I found the HBK/Undertaker match boring. It just didn’t do it for me. I found the Cena/Orton “I Quit” match to be much more compelling with it’s intensity. Still, the rest of the world loved the Wrestlemania match, so that’s what it’ll be, I’m sure.
Who Should Win: John Cena vs. Randy Orton “I Quit” match at Breaking Point
Who Will Win: Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania

• Chris Masters performs special “dancing pecs” routine for Osbournes
• Shawn Michaels superkicks little girl in cafeteria
• Michael Cole vomits on Chris Jericho at Smackdown’s 10th Anniversary
• Santino Marella accidentally nails Vickie Guerrero with a pie
Most of these were actually pretty funny and I’d be happy with any of them, actually. However the Chris Masters one was definitely the most memorable, so it would be my choice.
Who Should Win: Chris Masters performs special “dancing pecs” routine for Osbournes
Who Will Win: Chris Masters performs special “dancing pecs” routine for Osbournes

• All divas are eligible. This is the only award that will be determined by fan voting.
Who’s the most popular diva? It seems to be Mickie James, so she’ll be the winner. I personally find all the divas pretty useless, so not a category I care about.
Who Should Win: No idea
Who Will Win: Mickie James

• Yoshi Tatsu
• Drew McIntyre
• Sheamus
• Abraham Washington
I don’t watch ECW, so I don’t know who two of those guys are. I was a little confused by this category, because I expected to see Kofi Kingston, John Morrison and The Miz all nominated. I know that none of them debuted this year, but this is definitely the year they broke-out, however I guess the WWE and I have different ideas about how this category should work. Both McIntyre and Sheamus have gone through major pushes, so it definitely comes down to the two of them and while I like McIntyre better, I have to go with the new WWE champion.
Who Should Win: Drew McIntyre
Who Will Win: Sheamus

• Jerishow
• DX
• Legacy
• The Hart Dynasty
I love, love, love the Hart Dynasty and I adore Legacy, but neither of them has a chance. Honestly, Jerishow barely has a chance, no matter how dominant they’ve been. I think it should be Legacy, since they’ve been together the whole year and have come across as so strong (even though they never held the titles this year), but we all know who it will be. DX reunited this year, sold lots of merchandise and won the tag team titles and now they’ll be tag team of the year.
Who Should Win: Legacy
Who Will Win: DX

• Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
• Bob Barker
• Seth Green
• Shaquille O’Neal
I want it to be Seth Green, since he was my favourite non-wrestler guest host, but I know it won’t be. I was torn between Shaquille O’Neal or Bob Barker, since both were huge, but I think it’ll be Bob Parker since The Price is Raw was a huge hit and got some mainstream publicity, which is the point of the whole guest host concept.
Who Should Win: Seth Green
Who Will Win: Bob Barker

There you go, of the nine categories, my should and will picks line up only three times, but that’s because I tend to see things differently than the average wrestling fan and I know it. What can I say? I’m an original.

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New Blood is High Point of TLC

So the last TLC of 2009 has come and come and there were def

Christan b. Shelton Benjamin to retain the ECW title
This was a great match, but it went on too early. I love Christan and he never fails too work a good match and this was no exception. It wasn’t the greatest ladder match I’ve ever seen, but it was very good. It’s just a pity it went on first.

Drew McIntyre b. John Morrison to become Intercontinental Champion
Not a great match, though I’m not sure that’s either man’s fault, I think it’s just a lack of ring chemistry. It wasn’t a bad match, just not a particularly entertaining one. I am happy with the result though, I think McIntyre has a lot of potential and I’m glad to see him shine. Besides, I think Morrison’s ready to move past the IC title and on to bigger things.

Michelle McCool b. Mickie James to retain the Women’s Championship
What can I say? It was a diva’s match and a mercifully short one. I don’t enjoy the divas matches, I don’t find them entertaining and this was no exception.

Seamus b. John Cena to become WWE Champion
I think I’m pretty much the only person who predicted this outcome and I kept second-guessing myself. It wasn’t a bad match and the ending allowed Cena to look strong, while still putting the belt on Seamus. I do think that Seamus’ push has happened a little too fast, but… I do find him entertaining to watch in the ring and I said in my prediction post, I suspect he’ll be losing his title to Orton soon.

The Undertaker b. Batista to retain the World Heavy-Weight Title
Batista was robbed! Not a bad match, but I didn’t like the hokey ending at all. I thought the time was right for Batista to be champion and Long coming and restarting the match just felt weak. Oh, I know Batista will get the title soon and this just gives more opportunity to see him as a monster heel on a rampage, but it still hit a bad note with me.

Randy Orton b. Kofi Kingston
Great match. Kingston definitely held his own, but I’m glad Orton won without interference, especially after Kofi’s challenge. The fans needed to be reminded that Orton’s a killer heel in his own right, that just because he often uses low tricks to get ahead, he doesn’t need to. The loss doesn’t hurt Kingston, because he’s come off so well in this feud and he put in such a strong performance last night. I don’t think the feud is over though, I’ll predict right now that Orton wins the title from Seamus between now and the Royal Rumble (or at the Rumble) and Kingston wins the Rumble and challenges for Orton’s title, continuing the feud.

DX b. Jerishow to become Unified Tag Team Champions
This match was better than I’d expected. Triple H and the Big Show in a ladder match? It wasn’t an idea that really appealed to me. However, it was actually pretty good. I loved the finish with Triple H holding up the half of a ladder for HBK to get the titles down, because it really demonstrated that it was a team effort. The result was what we all predicted and what I personally wanted, I’m glad to see DX as tag team champs at least once, though I suspect it’ll be short-lived.

All in all, TLC wasn’t a great PPV, but it wasn’t a bad one either. I’ve watched every PPV this year except the Royal Rumble and I’d put TLC in the middle. One of the problems of having so many PPvs, is that you get a lot of the middle of the road ones, I would have liked to see more from the last PPV of the year, but at least it wasn’t awful.

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TLC Predictions

Ok, I’m behind on my posts again. Oops. I’ll be caught up by the end of the week–blame exams and a bunch of family drama, plus the Christmas season, it means that I tend to be even more behind than usual. Sorry. However, I am here with my TLC predictions. It’s the last PPV of 2009 and five titles are on the line and oddly enough, I think they’ll all switch hands.

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton
Kingston has come off really strong and this feud has been responsible for him getting a major push, but I don’t think it would be a great idea for him to beat Orton in a clean fight just yet, but at that same time a loss would be a set back. So, I think this one will either end in DQ or Orton will win thanks to interference. I think that option is a little more likely, since I’m not sure the rules of the match (and whether a DQ is even possible).
My Pick: Orton

Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison for the Intercontinental Championship
McIntyre has been getting a pretty strong push, almost on the same level as Seamus’ and thus I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win the IC title. Honestly, Morrison’s had the title for too long and while I thought (and hoped) that Dolph Ziggler would be the one to take it from him, that no longer looks possible, so I’m going with McIntyre instead.
My Pick: Drew McIntyre

Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship
I don’t really care about this match, since I find divas matches boring and kind of awful, but I do think Mickie James will win, mainly because it’s about time for McCool to lose the title which she’s had since July. My only hope is that this match is short.
My Pick: Mickie James

Seamus vs. John Cena in a Table Match
I don’t care if Seamus’ push is happening too quickly, I’m just happy to get new blood in the title picture. That said, I’m going on a limb and saying Seamus wins this one. Only because it lifts the Orton ban. Maybe we could even get a storyline about Seamus and Orton being in cahoots. Since I think that it’s time to the belt on Orton, I’m going with the wild card on this oen and saying Seamus.
My Pick: Seamus

Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian in a Ladders Match for the ECW Championship
Christian has been ECW on-and-off since April and I think it’s time for a change. This could be because I think Christian is wasted on ECW, but I also think Shelton Benjamin would be a good choice to hold the title right now. Now, I do hope that if Christian loses the title, he’ll be saved from the depths of despair that is ECW, but I’m not holding my breath on that. Still, for better or for worse, I think Christian’s time as champion is done.
My Pick: Shelton Benjamin

Batista vs. The Undertaker in a Chairs Match for the World-Heavy Weight Championship
Batista has the bad-ass heel going on right now and a title run would only solidify that, so I think he’s the pretty obvious winner, besides the Undertaker’s had the title and while that’s not long by any means, it’s fairly long now a days and besides, the Undertaker’s pretty limited in the ring so it makes the sense to put the belt on someone else and Batista seems to be that person. Though, since Batista is the Eric Lindros of the WWE, I’m predicting another short title reign, maybe two weeks this time?
My Pick: Batista

DX vs. Jerishow in a TLC match for the Unified Tag Titles
Unless there’s a major upset tonight, this one is obvious. Jerishow got thr upper hand on Monday and a big deal’s been made abuot DX never having being tag team champions, plus TLC is in San Antonio, Shawn Michael’s hometown. Unless the WWE is planning a major swerve, I think it’s safe to say that DX is about the become the new tag team champions.
My Pick: DX

So there you have it, my picks for the last PPV of 2009!

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Eddie Fatu, “Umaga”, dead at 36

I came back last night from a trip to Ottawa and did my usual wrestling news checking and was greeted with sad news: the death of Eddie Fatu (Umaga), at the age of 36.

I don’t have that many memories of Umaga (remember I only started watching wrestling again this past January), but the few matches I watched he seemed very talented for such a big man and I remember being surprised when he was released from the WWE.

Right now I’m sure there is a lot of speculation about his death and how it relates to his release from the WWE, but I’m not going to go into that. Instead, I’m just going to offer my condolences to the Fatu family–my heart goes out to them in this difficult time.

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DX and Jerishow Can’t Save Terrible Raw

Remember how I said Raw was getting better? How lately it had been a vastly improved product over what we were forced to watch last spring? Well, I guess the WWE wanted to prove me wrong because last night’s Raw sucked big time.

I’ll cut them a little slack, it was the last show before they left for their annual Tribute to the Troops tour, I’m sure people were distracted and already concentrating on the worthy thing they do overseas and figured ‘we can just spit this one out quickly without giving it much thought’. The problem with that, is that you tend to get a product that’s not very good and that’s what happened last night.

First, I beg and plead that I will never again have to see Mark Henry either dance or rap on my TV screen ever again. The whole angle with him, Verne Troyer and The Miz was incredibly painful. At last The Miz was, as always, entertaining. He really is one of the best mic guys in the company right now and every week my love for him grows, but even with his presence, the whole thing was a waste of time.

Speaking of wastes of time… Diva matches. They’re generally short, they’re usually tag matches, and they’re always bad. Anyway, tonight’s match with Melina and Gail Kim vs. Maryse and Jillian Hall was no exception and was pretty bad, though thankfully short. I’m sorry, maybe it’s because I’m a woman and thus, am not that intrigued by the T&A factor, but I always find the diva matches a total waste, which is sad because I think some of the women are very talented. I just think the whole thing is handled badly and that the WWE has no idea what to do with the divas in the new family-friendly environment.

So Randy Orton’s so afraid of Kofi Kingston he needed his goons to beat him down first? I guess that’s a good sign for Kofi and that he’s getting a strong push, but it makes me feel a little sad for Orton. For a Mega Bad Ass feel, he seems to be a pretty big coward, just sayin’. Still, I am enjoying the elevation of Kofi Kingston and watching Orton mix it up with fresh blood, so even though tonight’s angle didn’t thrill me, I am enjoying the storyline on a whole.

Count me in as one who likes the new Bad Ass Cena. Cena was angry last night and for the first time in 2009, he was interesting. He was intense and on edge and I liked it. I also liked that they had Carlito come in and speak up for the rest of the locker room, though I think that message needs to be directed at more than Cena. DX and Orton are pretty good at hogging the spot light as well.

I love Chris Jericho and I love DX, but that promo at the beginning was pretty painful. Still, the match at the end of the night was good and I enjoyed HBK and The Big Show on commentary. Triple H really needs to start wearings pants for his promos though, he looked especially silly next to Jericho in his suit, just sayin’. Next we get Jericho vs. DX, which should be interesting, at least I hope so. To be fair, it would have to try pretty hard to be worse than this week’s Raw and I think we’re all praying that doesn’t happen.

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